Ask for Research

If you're checking out this page, it probably means I've asked you if I can research your family history. It also probably means that you've agreed to let me do that, so first let me just say thank you!

Information Help

There's some information I need from you, though, to help get me off the ground.


The census data available online starts at 1940 and goes back from there. This is to help protect the privacy of people still living. Also, this means that I'm going to need your help getting back in your family history to 1940.

What I Need from You

I need as much information from you as you can give me. This includes:

I know you won't know all of this information (I didn't know my family's info before I started this), but what little bit you can remember will help a great deal. More than likely, I will need this information for:

You can email me this information in whatever format you'd like (list, doc attachment, narrative, etc.), it doesn't matter to me, because as long as I have it, I'll be able to use it.